🚨 The vast majority of the world doesn't know how to read or write music. This is called music illiteracy and it's a huge problem.

⚠️ The vast majority of the population in the USA is literate in English. That means they can write & read words. But the vast majority is also il-literate in music, that means they cannot write or read music. THIS IS A PROBLEM IN OUR SOCIETY.

Because the univeral language of mankind & the only language that truly unites people of all races, ages, nationalities, religions & social status 🌎🎵 is not English! It's music! And most people can't speak it!..🤯

At PIANOLESSON we believe that learning music should be a priority in our society. But it's not.

One of the main reasons why we have this problem is because learning music has always been too hard. And there's where we step in...

We want to change that! 💪🎹

We created PIANOLESSON to break the learning barrier that is reponsible for such a widespread music illiteracy.

🎶 PIANOLESSON makes learning music much more approachable, helping people become literate in music! 🎶📚

Our unique method focuses on changing the experience of learning music from → "hard & overwhealming" to → "easy & fun!". We believe that the clue to success when learning music is a strong start. PIANOLESSON is the only course that focuses on making sure that everyone that starts to learn music starts "strong", with a fantastic experience from day 1.

⭐️ Your donation is helping end music illiteracy in the world. 🌎

🎵🌟 We are truly grateful for your incredible generosity. Your donation has a profound impact on our mission to spread music knowledge and fight music illiteracy. With your support, we can turn our dream into reality: to witness music becoming the universal language of mankind and put an end to music illiteracy. 🙏💖

Rest assured that we are fully committed to working hard and achieving tangible results. We will allocate 100% of your donation solely towards these goals, ensuring it goes to a worthy cause. 🎶🌍

Our course has revolutionized the way music is learned, making it more approachable and accessible. Through your contribution, we will reach community centers, schools, and universities, advocating for the availability of our courses free of charge to their students. Together, we will:

🎯 Bring awareness to local communities, schools, and universities about music illiteracy and the crucial role of music in our society.

🆓 Make our courses available for free to individuals lacking resources.

📚 Create new content to expand the accessibility of music education.

🌐 Translate existing courses into multiple languages, promoting music literacy beyond the English-speaking community.

🎶✨ Develop a specialized course for blind or visually impaired individuals, ensuring music is as accessible to them as it is to everyone else.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your remarkable support. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the world of music education. 🎹🌟

Musically yours,

Miguel Coiz & the PIANOLESSON team.

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Attention: This is not a

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