General conditions of sale at PIANOLESSON

Last updated: December 12th, 2023

Article 1a. Accepting These Terms

These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") constitute a legally binding contract between you and us, Coiz Studios LLC (‘Coiz Studios”). We represent PIANOLESSON and every other product made or managed by us. By using our Services, including browsing our websites, you agree to these Terms. If you do not agree with these Terms, you may not use our Services.

Article 1b: Scope of application

These general conditions of sale apply to all transactions concluded through the websites of the Coiz Studios network, including PIANOLESSON, represented as “www.pianoless-on.com” and all subdomains. Is considered as "client" any natural or legal person making with the company Coiz Studios an order validated via our secure payment platform, or by check or cash. If you are acting as a client of Coiz Studios, you are referred to throughout this entire document as “the client”.

Article 2: Age limit

Age restrictions apply: The company Coiz Studios only accepts clients over 18 years old. Minors under 18 are only permitted to use our services under the direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian. The product is designed for minors, but a parent or guardian must make the purchase. Even if the content of our products and services is not of a shocking nature, we prefer to target a mature audience capable of understanding the implications and responsibilities of the business world.

Article 3: Order

Any order placed on a site belonging to the company Coiz Studios implies full and unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

Article 4: Price

Prices are listed in U.S. Dollars, inclusive of all taxes. While prices may change, the price applied to your order will be the one announced at the time of your purchase.

Article 5: Conscious purchase

Every client making a purchase from us must do so with full awareness and understanding of their actions. By accepting these terms, you affirm that you were well-informed about the nature of the product before purchasing it. Coiz Studios is not obligated to offer a refund once the '30-day money-back guarantee' period has elapsed.

Article 6: Safety Disclosure

While using your phone, tablet, or laptop to watch or listen to the lessons in this course, it is crucial that you understand and acknowledge your personal responsibility for your safety. Engaging with a screen can pose risks when multitasking or not paying attention to your surroundings. By enrolling in this course, you explicitly accept full responsibility for your safety during its duration. Coiz Studios LLC and its affiliates will not be held accountable for any potential harm or accidents resulting from your failure to prioritize your safety. At certain points within this course, students may be instructed to close their eyes. It is your responsibility to exercise due care and ensure your safety during these moments. To review more details and receive safety recommendations while taking this course, click here.

Article 7: Minimum requirements to use our products

To use PIANOLESSON, or any other product of Coiz Studios, clients must meet certain technical requirements, including the ability to use a computer, navigate our website, open emails, and follow instructions. Please note that our products include audio and video content, and therefore, they require average hearing and visual capabilities. Coiz Studios does not discriminate against individuals without these capabilities.

Article 8: No segregation policy.

Coiz Studios does not discriminate based on social factors, including but not limited to sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, spirituality, nationality, culture, or any other social distinction. Coiz Studios and its representatives are committed to a policy of non-discrimination.

Article 9: Gift Card or Discount Codes

Coiz Studios reserves the right to choose who and when to offer Gift Cards or Discounts. The client agrees to not associate the availability of Gift Cards or Discounts, in any possible way, with sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, spirituality, culture, or any other social distinction.

If a Gift Card Code or Discount Code is offered, it is responsibility of the client to enter it in the appropriate “discount code box” and click on the button “Apply” before purchasing the product. If a product is purchased without this discount code the client will not have the possibility to go back and apply the code. Once the client clicks on the “Purchase” button, the purchase is final. Coiz Studios is not responsible for Discount Codes not being entered properly.

You also acknowledge that we may suspend or prohibit use of your Gift Card or Discount Code if we believe it’s being used suspiciously, fraudulently, or in an otherwise unauthorized manner.

Article 10: Payment

Payment is due immediately upon placing an order. Secure online payment via credit card is processed through Stripe or PayPal, as selected by the client. The security of these payment systems is the responsibility of Stripe or PayPal.

Article 11: Delivery to email address

Coiz Studios sells virtual products, not physical products. Therefore, shipping policies do not apply. That said, virtual products still need to be delivered to an email address. The client is fully responsible of entering correctly the email address at which the client wants the virtual product delivered to. We highly recommend the client pays particular attention to the spelling of the email address entered.

Article 12: Protection of personal data

Coiz Studios process consumers’ personal information. Our Privacy Policy details how your information is collected, used and shared when you use our Services. By using our Services, you're also agreeing that we can process your information in the ways set out in the Privacy Policy.

You will receive emails containing information and / or promotional offers concerning products published by the company Coiz Studios or by other partners. You can unsubscribe at any time. You just have to click on the link at the end of our emails. This link is preceded by the word “Unsubscribe”, or a sentence that contains the word “Unsubscribe” in an equal or similar manner to the following sentence: “To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit”.

Article 13: Transferring the course to someone else

Sharing access to the course with others is prohibited. Each sale grants access to the course for one individual only. We reserve the right to suspend access if sharing is detected.

Article 14: Termination of communication by the client

We'd hate to see you go, but you may terminate any relationship with us by clicking on Unsubscribe in any of our emails.

Article 15:. Termination of communication by Coiz Studios.

By accepting these terms you understand and agree that we may terminate or suspend any email communication with you at any time without previous consent, should we have reason to believe you, or your use of the Services violate our Terms. If we do so, it’s important to understand that you don’t have a contractual or legal right to continue to get email communication from us, even after having made a purchase.

Article 16: Termination of access to products by the client:

Access to our services cannot be terminated by the client after purchase. Even if communication ceases, access to the purchased product is available for 90 days from the date of purchase.

When you purchase a product, you will receive access to it via a membership link and password. However, it's important to clarify that this access does not create a traditional 'account' with us. Consequently, your personal information is not stored on our website, and as a result, there is no data associated with your account that can be deleted if you decide to terminate your association with us.

Article 17: Termination of access to products by Coiz Studios

Upon purchase, access to the course is provided for 90 days. After this period, access is not guaranteed. Coiz Studios reserves the right to immediately, without notification or previous consent, to terminate access to products or services if there is a violation of our Terms within this period.

Article 18: Refunds

You are entitled to request a full refund within 30 days of your initial purchase, in accordance with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Please note that this guarantee cannot be prolonged or renewed. In other words, if you decide to purchase a 90-Day Extension for the course, the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee does not extend alongside it. If you wish to have an additional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you would need to repurchase the course at its full price.

Article 19: Refunds and termination

Coiz Studios may discontinue products at any time. If a product is discontinued within 90 days of purchase, a full refund will be issued. After this period, no refunds will be provided.

Article 20: Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Coiz Studios does not have a legal obligation to maintain product quality or meet certain quality standards. We provide a 30-day refund period if you are dissatisfied with our products, but no further obligations exist.

Article 21: Disputes with Coiz Studios

If you’re upset with us, let us know, and hopefully we can resolve your issue. But if we can’t, then these rules will govern any legal dispute involving our Services:

A. Governing Law. The Terms are governed by the laws of the State of Florida, without regard to its conflict of laws rules, and the laws of the United States of America. These laws will apply no matter where in the world you live.

B. Arbitration. You and Coiz Studios agree that any dispute or claim arising from or relating to the Terms shall be finally settled by final and binding arbitration, using the English language. Arbitration, including threshold questions of arbitrability of the dispute, will be handled by a sole arbitrator in accordance with those rules. Judgment on the arbitration award may be entered in any court that has jurisdiction.

Any arbitration or mediation under the Terms will take place on an individual basis. You understand that by agreeing to the Terms, you and Coiz Studios are each waiving the right to trial by jury or to participate in a class action lawsuit. Class arbitrations shall only be available if requested by either party under its Class Action Arbitration Rules and approved by the arbitration entity. Notwithstanding the foregoing, each party shall have the right to bring an action in a court of proper jurisdiction for injunctive or other equitable or conservatory relief, pending a final decision by the arbitrator or mediator. You may instead assert your claim in “small claims” court, but only if your claim qualifies, your claim remains in such court, and your claim remains on an individual, non-representative, and non-class basis.

Article 22: Changes to the Terms

We reserve the right to update these Terms at any time, without individual notification. Your acceptance of the Terms will be based on the most current version displayed at the time of purchase.

Article 23: Some Finer Legal Points

The Terms, including all of the policies that make up the Terms, supersede any other agreement between you and Coiz Studios regarding the Services. If any part of the Terms is found to be unenforceable, that part will be limited to the minimum extent necessary so that the Terms will otherwise remain in full force and effect. Our failure to enforce any part of the Terms is not a waiver of our right to later enforce that or any other part of the Terms. We may assign any of our rights and obligations under the Terms.

Article 24: Applicable law

All the clauses appearing in the present general conditions of sale, as well as all the operations of purchase and sale which are referred to therein, will be subject to USA law, and any litigations will be held in courts the state of Florida.

Article 25: Contact

The client can contact Coiz Studios at any time, 7 days a week, 24h, by clicking here, or directly at info@pianoless-on.com

Article 26: Company information

Coiz Studios follows US law regulations & it is registered at the following address:

Coiz Studios LLC. 3479 NE 163rd St #1162, North Miami Beach, FL 33160 USA